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Why My Writing Process is Unusual

Hey, I just want to say thanks again for being part of my community and watching these videos.

Today, I wanted to tell you a little bit about my personal writing process. I know, a lot of people think that novelists just sit at a computer and start typing, and I don’t know, maybe some actually do it that way. But that’s not how I do it. In fact, I didn’t even think about becoming a writer until I learned that that was NOT the only way to do it.

First, I almost always write with a partner, usually a female. I really enjoy the interaction that my writing partners and I have as we lay out the story outlines together and develop the project.

I actually learned about this process of collaboration by watching James Patterson on Masterclass dot com and I thought it sounded like a really good fit for me, and so far, it has worked really well.

So usually, my co-writer and I spend a few weeks outlining the plot. This to me is probably the most fun of the whole process, and there are lots of fun texts back and forth like… “Ew, what if this happened, and then this… No, wait, what if we turned that all upside down?” I really enjoy that part.

Once we have the outline done, my co-writer usually takes it and does the heavy lifting of cranking out the words, sending me updates every few chapters. We go back and forth until the initial manuscript is complete.

At that point, it goes to beta readers who read the raw manuscript and make suggestions. By the way, you’re welcome to apply to be a beta reader or and ARC reader using the links below.

While that’s going on, I’m working on all of the business stuff like getting the cover designed, interior formatting and things like that. Then I get to work on producing the audiobooks and finally, I handle the marketing, social media ads, Amazon ads, et cetera.

So that’s how I make books. Are you a content creator like a writer, blogger, podcaster, YouTuber, TikTok-er or something like that? If so, I’d love to hear about your process. Just send me a reply to this email.

Thanks as always. Take care and hopefully we’ll talk soon.

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