Hey, As always thank you so much for being part of my community and watching these videos. Today I want to talk a little about my first book series, Mount Hideaway Mysteries.

My foray into becoming a novelist started with the movie series, Mount Hideaway Mysteries. As I mentioned before, When I was making the Mount Hideaway Mysteries movies, somebody suggested that we create a book series to go along with the movies. I got in contact with some people in the publishing industry, hired a ghostwriter slash co-writer, since I’d already written the story, and started working with them on adapting my movie scripts into books.

Mount Hideaway Mysteries is a coming of age murder mystery thriller series that follows a group of kids from high school through adulthood. It’s a faith-based series, but it’s definitely not preachy, it just includes the fact that people pray and go to church and cry out to God when they’re in trouble. There’s lots of action, and suspense and we’ve had a really wonderful response from people who have watched the movies and read the books so far.

The Mount Hideaway stories feature strong, virtuous female lead characters. They also feature homeschooling. Both of my co-writers of the screenplays were homeschool graduates and I am a homeschooling dad. And there aren’t that many books out there that really show respect for the homeschooling lifestyle.

One of the other themes you’ll see in the Mount Hideaway books and movies is parent – child relationships. It has always bugged me that in so many movies and books, the parents were portrayed as either absent, incompetent, or uninvolved in the lives of their children. These stories have some really sweet moments between parents and children.

I’ve got a little more to say about Mount Hideaway Mysteries, but I’ll save that for next time.

If you’ve read any of these or watched the movies, I’d LOVE to hear from you. If not, there are some links below in this email so you can check them out.

Take care and hopefully we’ll talk soon.