“Who is killing teenagers and terrorizing these two families?”


A Five-Book Thriller series with a Drop-The-Mic Cliffhanger at the end of each book.

Maddy is a single mother of a teenage boy. She spends her days styling hair and dating all the wrong men.

Amelia owns a successful interior design business, is married to the perfect guy, and has two lovely daughters and a foster son she adores.

The whole town knows these two beautiful young mothers hate each other. They used to be best friends back in high school until that prom night when the cute new guy went missing. Twenty years later, teens are disappearing again and someone is sending cryptic threats to Maddy and Amelia’s families.

These women must join forces to protect themselves and their children. But if they do, secrets and lies will be exposed, families will be destroyed, and more people might die.

“Moms Who Lie” is the first novel in the “Moms Who Lie” domestic psychological thriller series by Brett Monk and McKenna Langford. It follows the lives of two women who will do whatever it takes to protect their families, no matter what they have to unearth…
Or keep buried.

“This was a really well crafted psychological thriller with a great cliffhanger ending. The writing was so well done it kept me on the edge of my seat from beginning to end. I really enjoyed getting to know the characters, which felt like very real people. It was almost like it could have played out in my own town. The chapters with different viewpoints added to the depth and suspense. There were so many great twists and turns for this novel, it really left me excited to read the sequel.”
– The International Review of Books

“A thrilling, genre-busting work of fiction, Moms Who Lie treads the line between non-stop teen drama and intriguing crime thriller. Authors Brett Monk and McKenna Langford tell the tale of friends and families in a tumultuous small town where tensions rise when a child goes missing, secrets are discovered, and we’re given to wonder who, if anyone, can be trusted. This first novel in a planned five-book series is both deeper than your average teen drama, as it sensitively explores serious issues of trauma and its aftermath, and more complex than your average crime thriller, with each surprising revelation prompting new questions, and propelling the book at a quick pace.”
– Self-Publishing Review

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