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Summer Bodies

From the creators of the Moms Who Lie series, the first book in “The Turquoise  Mist Thrillers”, a 4-book Psychological Thriller series with twisty plots, relatable characters, and JAW-DROPPING CLIFFHANGERS.
Can a troubled teen uncover the mysteries buried in the desert without joining them there?

Devastated after getting unjustly expelled from her elite private high school, Summer is forced to leave her trendy Boston home and move to a sleepy Arizona ghost town. Living with a half-brother she’d never met before, she’s lonelier than ever, which usually gets her into trouble.

While partying at a creepy abandoned hotel, a teen she barely knows gets murdered. And the evidence points to her as the likely culprit.

To clear her name, she teams up with a couple of other misfit teens and her estranged half-brother. But she’s not sure if she can trust them, or anybody else, because nobody in this small town is who they seem to be.

Can Summer solve the murders? Or will she end up in prison, or a grave?

Summer Bodies” is the first book in the 4-Book “Turquoise Mist Thrillers” series by Brett Monk and McKenna Langford.

If you like unputdownable psychological thrillers with relatable teen and adult characters and   a drop-the-mic cliffhanger at the end of each book, then you’ll love the “Turquoise Mist  thrillers” series!



(A 5-Book Domestic Psychological Thriller Series with CLIFFHANGERS at the end of each book)

Available on Amazon, including Kindle Unlimited!


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