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Mount Hideaway Mysteries

(A Christian YA Mystery/Thriller Series with 3 Books and 2 Movies)


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Movie #1 - "Exes and Oh No's"

Movie #2 - "Heartache and Homecoming"


(A 5-Book Domestic Psychological Thriller Series with CLIFFHANGERS at the end of each book)


“Who is killing teenagers and terrorizing these two families?”
“Moms Who Lie” is the first novel in the “Moms Who Lie” domestic psychological thriller series by Brett Monk and McKenna Langford. It follows the lives of two women who will do whatever it takes to protect their families, no matter what they have to unearth…
Or keep buried.


If our moms aren’t killers, then what are they hiding?

The “Moms Who Lie” domestic psychological thriller saga intensifies with even bigger twists… revelations… and lies.

… and another drop-the-mic cliffhanger ending.

“Sealed With A Lie” is the second gripping installment in the “Moms Who Lie” domestic psychological thriller series by Brett Monk and McKenna Langford.



What started as a slow burn mystery is about to burst into flames.

A beautiful teenager disappeared in the dead of night while impersonating her twin sister. The last time a teen went missing around here, her lifeless body was discovered a few days later.

Toxey used to be a quiet, small town, but now it seems like every day there’s news of another attack, disappearance, or murder. The twisted web of threats, accusations, and lies is spreading like wildfire from the Bailey and Carpenter families and enveloping the entire community.

Maddy Carpenter and Amelia Bailey are fighting harder than ever to protect their families and their secrets, but they’re rapidly losing both battles. Somebody is trying to destroy these women and their loved ones, and they’re doing a thorough job.

“Trapped by A Lie” is the third book in the “Moms Who Lie” Psychological Thriller series by Brett Monk and McKenna Langford. What started as a slow burn is now red hot, and the drama, danger, and cliffhangers are more exciting than ever.

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