Growing up, I loved to read, mostly mysteries and sci-fi, and I watched a lot of TV. I started acting in church plays, and then in school plays and really loved both on stage and backstage aspects of theater.

I double majored in Radio, TV Film and Psychology at James Madison University in Virginia and I spent over 30 years making training films for companies and government agencies in the Washington DC area. At one of those studios I was assigned to read and evaluate a pile of movie scripts that the studio might want to produce. After going through about a dozen of those I decided I could do better myself, so I learned the craft and formatting of screenwriting and today I’ve co-written two feature films that both have distribution.

When I was making the Mount Hideaway Mysteries movies, somebody suggested that we create a book series to go along with the movies. I know the books usually come first but I don’t seem to do anything the usual way. I got in contact with some people in the publishing industry, hired a ghostwriter, slash co-writer, since I’d already written the story, and started working with them on adapting my movie scripts into books.

During that time I really discovered how much I enjoyed the novel writing process and, to be honest, how much less stressful it was than making movies! I don’t have to deal with the equipment and the scheduling and the locations and managing all the people… I can just sit in my writing cave and make up stories, and then do all the marketing stuff, which includes making videos like this and talking to you.

So here I am, writing books and narrating audiobooks.

Anyway, thanks for listening and as always, I’d love to hear back from you.

Take care and hopefully we’ll talk soon.