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FREE “Series Starter” Novellas

Each of these books will introduce you to one of my current series and give you a special link to get the next book on Amazon.

Mount Hideaway Mysteries is a Christian “Coming of Age” Mystery/Thriller series.

It follows the lives and adventures of an ensemble of characters from their teen days in a Homeschool Co-op through adulthood. Their small town and the secret government facility nearby are under constant threat from both inside and out. Their lives, relationships, and Christian faith are constantly challenged.


Magicians Vs. Machines is an Epic Sci-Fi Fantasy series.

A relentless army of robots and drones is laying waste to the planet and killing everything that breathes. The sentient races: dragons, elves, dwarves, and others are all in danger of extinction and divided by mutual distrust and conflict. 

The only beings willing to work together to save their world are a lonely elf prince, a rebellious young dragon, and a beautiful human warrior who wears armor she scrounged from dead robots to protect her identity, and her heart.


“Moms Who Lie” is a Domestic Psychological Thriller series.

It follows the lives of two women who will do whatever it takes to protect their families, no matter what they have to unearth…  Or keep buried.

“Moms Who Lie” is a 5-book ” Psychological Thriller series by Brett Monk and McKenna Langford.

If you like stories that start with a slow burn and build suspense and excitement exponentially, with a drop-the-mic cliffhanger at the end of each book, then you’ll love the “Moms Who Lie” series!


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