Hey, I just want to say thanks again for being part of my community and watching these videos.

I want to talk today about the possibility of having you join my book release team. Team members help out by being beta readers or Advance Review Copy, or ARC readers, and then REALLY help by sharing on social media and leaving, hopefully kind and encouraging reviews on Amazon and Goodreads with as many stars as you can honestly give.

Now Amazon and the other websites prohibit authors from paying or otherwise incentivizing people to give reviews, but you do get the free review copy of the book.

I use a service called Story Origin, which is a website that manages everything from applying to be a team member, through delivering your copies of the books and even reminding you when It’s time to leave a review.

Team members are super important to me and my business, so there’s an application process and not everyone gets accepted. It helps if you have left reviews on Amazon before, and the application software will actually ask for your Amazon reviewing screen name when you apply.

Thanks for considering this.

Take care and hopefully we’ll talk soon.