Hey, I just want to say thanks again for being part of my community and watching these videos

So today I wanted to just explain to you a little bit about these emails and what I call “the machine”. If you’ve gotten this far in receiving my messages I’m sure you realize that this is part of an automated sequence that fires off when you subscribe, and its purpose is so we can get to know each other.

And I want to say that while this is an automated email sequence I sincerely mean everything I’m saying to you, especially about wanting to hear back from you. I’m not a famous author with a big traditional publishing contract, and to be honest, that’s not my goal. I really want to get to know my readers and audiobook listeners so I can serve you better and honestly, to make friends, and maybe even have you join my book launch team.

My goal with this community is not to see how many thousands of people I can get to open emails. I’m trying to gather a group of people who like the same kinds of stories so we can talk about them and support each other.

So unless you unsubscribe, which by the way is just fine if what I’m doing here isn’t something you interested in, you’ll keep getting this sequence of introductory emails every once in a while, but then you’ll also get the real-time messages that tell you about upcoming releases, sales, promotions and giveaways.

As always, thanks for reading and watching and I’d love to hear back from you, either by email or by interacting in the private FaceBook group.

Take care and hopefully we’ll talk soon.