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Hey, I just want to say thanks again for being part of my community and watching these videos. Today, I just wanted to share a little about myself and my writing. My name is Brett Monk and I also use the pen name Vincent Christopher when I’m writing faith-based works.

I’ve also directed and co-written two feature length movies, both adaptations of books from the Mount Hideaway Mysteries series. Actually those books are illustrated with screen captures from the movies. I know, usually you do books first and then make movies, but working backwards is sort of a pattern for me.

My background is in Radio, TV, and Film and I spent many years making training films for companies, hospitals, and government agencies. Some of the work I did back then was classified, and some of the mystery plots and ideas for my books come from that experience.

I do some acting, mostly voice these days and I narrate most of my audiobooks. Sometimes I do the whole thing and sometimes I do the male voices and I hire a female narrator to do the female voices.

I was a church-planting pastor for 10 years. The church started as a small group in my home and grew to the point of having our own building. After ten years I turned it over to the associate pastor and went back into the world of film and publishing.

I have a teenage daughter who was adopted out of the foster care system when she was 13. Themes of adoption and parent/child relationships are close to my heart and you’ll see that in the stories I write.

When I’m not writing I like to cook and grill, I play music, and I love wrestling on my living room floor with my Bernedoodle, whose name is Merlin.

So that’s enough about me, I’d really love for you to reply and tell me about yourself. What are your favorite movies, TV shows and book genres?

Take care and hopefully we’ll talk soon.

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