A Bingeworthy 5-book  Domestic Psychological Thriller series.

Lyla Bailey’s summer was devastating. But her junior year of high school will be murder.

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Turquoise Mist Thrillers

Book #1 of 4

From the creators of the Moms Who Lie series, the first book in The Turquoise Mist Thrillersa 4-book Psychological Thriller series with twisty plots, relatable characters, and JAW-DROPPING CLIFFHANGERS.

Devastated after getting unjustly expelled from her elite private high school, Summer is forced to leave her trendy Boston home and move to a sleepy Arizona ghost town. Living with a half-brother she’d never met before, she’s lonelier than ever, which usually gets her into trouble.

While partying at a creepy abandoned hotel, a teen she barely knows gets murdered. And the evidence points to her as the likely culprit.

Can Summer solve the murders? Or will she end up in prison, or a grave?

Summer Bodies is the first book in the 4-Book Turquoise Mist Thrillers series by Brett Monk and McKenna Langford. If you like unputdownable psychological thrillers with relatable teen and adult characters and a drop-the-mic cliffhanger at the end of each book, then you’ll love the Turquoise Mist Thrillers series!

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