Missing Man – The Movie

“Missing Man” is a patriotic action-adventure short film that I created in 2015.

Washington, DC is packed with tourists for the 4th of July and a terrorist submarine is lurking in the Potomac. The only person who understands the threat is a retired pilot in his antique warplane, who has to battle both the submarine and the U.S. defense forces, which include his own son.

Living in Northern Virginia, right outside Washington, DC, I had always had this plot idea in my head about a submarine or torpedo threatening DC. I’m sure they have defenses against something like that, but it seemed like a great plot point.  I also have an affinity for World War II aircraft, especially the Corsair. My father was an aircraft mechanic on the U.S.S. Hornet in the 1950’s and he worked on Corsairs.  This movie is in his honor and I have a photo of him sitting in a Corsair at the end of the film.

Other than the acting done by some wonderful folks, this movie was mostly a one-man band done on a budget of almost nothing. All acting was done in front of green screen. The sets and backgrounds were mostly a combination of field footage and CGI.

It was shot on a Canon 6D and edited on Adobe Premiere. I used several other programs, including After Effects, Blender, Element 3D from Video Copilot and a few others. I used both SpeedGrade and Davinci Resolve for color grading.