Marissa’s Mistake – Short Film

When you’re an actor, it’s sometimes hard to get cast for the roles you want until you actually get to play those roles… which is kind of a vicious circle. One way to break that circle is to write and produce your own short film where you cast yourself in the type of role you’d like to get.

So my friend an co-worker Mikayla Mulgrew and I decided to write and produce our own short film, primarily for the purpose of giving ourselves the opportunity to play some role’s we’d like to be cast in. Our other goal was to give ourselves the opportunity to do a wide range of emotional facial expressions to show our range.

So we created the following short, “Marissa’s Mistake” which is basically a detective-interrogation scene like those seen repeatedly on shows like “Castle”, “Law and Order”, and “CSI: Fill-In-The-Blank”. I’m very tickled with how it came out, if I do say so myself.