Accessories for the Sony A7s ii Camera

Hi I’m Brett Monk, actor, director, and host of Real Estate Photography Class Dot Com and this is part of a series I’m doing on my motion picture camera rig that I use for really involved promotional videos and independent films that I work on.

So here is my SONY A7s 2 in the Tilta cage with the accessories I use most often. As far as the A7s itself, I’ve got another video on why I chose this camera out of all the other available cameras.

I like the Tilta cage because it protects the camera and makes it easy carry and to attach accessories.


Sony A7s ii Camera

Tilta Cage for Sony A7 Series –

Sony Autofocus E-Mount Zoom Lens  –

AC Adapter for Sony Alpha Series Cameras [For AC and Battery Adapter] –

Sony Battery Mounting Plate –

Hoodman Cinema Kit Pro Viewfinder Loupe –

Transcend 64GB Class 10 SDXC UHS-II SD Card –

Aputure DEC Wireless Remote Follow Focus [Canon Lens to Sony E-Mount Camera] –

Atomos Ninja Flame 7″ 4K HDMI Recording Monitor –

Movo 48 Channel Wireless Microphone –

DS1 Beholder Gimbal –

This camera actually has a very advanced and workable auto-focus, even in movie mode, So I often use Sony lenses to take advantage of that. I also have an Aputure lens adapter that allows me to use my Canon glass and gives me wireless control over the focus and the aperture.

I added was this battery adapter so I can use larger batteries with a longer life, and I can change them really quickly.

I found this great viewfinder loupe which allows me to see the LCD screen even in bright sunlight.

I often attach a wireless microphone receiver so I can get a clean sound feed straight from the boom operator.

I also usually attach this seven inch screen, which is helpful for a director or client to see, or for me to use when I have this on the steadicam sled or for other configurations. My plan is to replace this at some point with an Atomos recorder monitor, but since the A7s ii can record 4K and super slow motion straight to the internal SDXC card, I’m not in too big of a hurry for that.

So that’s my standard rig at the moment. This setup is fairly lightweight and portable, but it packs a lot of dynamic range, resolution, and overall camera awesomeness into a neat little package. I’m putting links to all of this equipment in the comments section of this YouTube Video, and on my blog posts.