48 Hour Film Project – Love Is Brewing

I’ve been directing, acting, and crewing for decades now, but this was the first time I’ve tried directing a project for the DC 48 Hour Film Festival. The main reason I jumped in this time was that I had the most awesome partners to work with. Mark Arnoldi and Mikayla Mulgrew are two of the coolest and most talented people I’ve ever ever known and I love to work with them any chance I get.

We were also able to attract an amazing cast including Cheryl Felicia Rhoads, Melinda Deveney, Alex Atwood, Zach Miles, and Leigh Anne Monk. Jordan Potter served as DP/Cinematographer and Ivan Chiew ran sound. Cervantes Coffee generously allowed us to use their beautiful coffee shop as our location.

In the 48 Hour Film Festival, you get assigned two film genres on Friday night, then you have 48 hours to write, shoot, and edit the film. You can choose one or both or your assigned genres. We got “Slapstick” and “Romance”. A tough combination, but I’m really happy with our results.

Mark, Mikayla, and I met at the kickoff meeting and received our genres, which Mikayla pulled out of a hat. We developed the basic script outline on the drive home from DC. Once we had the outline done, Mark stayed up late Friday night and cranked out the script while Mikayla and I started scrambling to get the crew and props together. The shoot at Cervantes Coffee went really smoothly, thanks to our great cast and crew. I then did a marathon editing session, mostly using Adobe Premiere CC.

This was my first opportunity to use my Sony A7s ii Camera and some other gear I’ve recently added to my collection. We shot in Cine4 and graded mostly using AriColour LUT’s, with some additional tweaking to the colors. I was really thrilled with the quality of the pictures and how well the footage graded. We used all kinds of camera movement and support systems, from tripods to jibs to my Ikan Beholder DS1 Gimbal.